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Cupping the Shrub Rwandas at Roast House

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Roast House Coffee in Spokane, WA. hosted a blind cupping of the Coffee Shrub Rwandas and had a great turn out. Here's what they had to say about these coffees.
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Cupping the Shrub Rwandas at Roast HouseCupping the Shrub Rwandas at Roast House

Narrows pt 2

Here's a little story I like to tell about the second ever Roasters Guild Retreat in 2002. During one of the first sessions at the retreat there was a cupping. When the group that was participating was asked who had ever cupped before, more than 80% of the crowd indicated that they had not. Nowadays, just 10 extremely short seeming years later there is cupping from top to bottom across the whole specialty coffee industry, or at least people regularly look at coffees though the lens of a cupping-like activity.